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"In The Enlightenment Code, Ted Wentworth gives us techniques designed to remind us that everything we do can be spiritual, and there is no separation between our material life and our spiritual life. 'It is all Spiritual!' declares the author, as he shares with us methods by which we can remember this truth. This book is highly recommended for all pilgrims along the path."

—Swami Satyananda Saraswati, author of more than 50 sacred books

About Ted Wentworth

Ted Wentworth's career as a public speaker began not behind a lectern, but in front of a jury box. As a nationally acclaimed, board-certified trial lawyer and medical human rights activist, Ted is well-versed in delivering a compelling and persuasive message—he understands how to connect with his listeners' hearts. His presence and heartfelt passion have led to appearances on national media, including Oprah, The Phil Donahue Show, 48 Hours, and in People Magazine.

But Ted always knew that the successful lawyer he was "on the outside" was just his persona; it didn't have much to do with the divine being at his core. To reveal the eternal being he sensed at eight years of age, Ted devoted years to an international search for tools to quicken a profound spiritual practice. Ted's efforts led to a path of spiritual awakening that works! Today, he makes a case that every single listener can personally relate to: that we are in new times, and are all capable of, and deserving of, the experience­­––the freedom…the inner love and joy––of our True Self.

Presentation Experience

Ted has a wealth of experience in bringing his message of peace and empowerment to a variety of audiences, and while his words speak to our most silent selves, his demeanor is passionate and engaging. Ted has enraptured audiences at Unity and other progressive churches, yoga centers, meetings of The Inside Edge (www.InsideEdge.org), private gatherings, 12-step groups and is available for one-on-one sessions.


AUTHOR: The Enlightenment Code, providing step-by-step instructions on how and why advanced spiritual techniques lead practitioners to an ever-deeper connection to their expansive consciousness—to their
essential Self.

EDITOR IN CHIEF: Enlightenment Lifestyle Magazine, an online magazine filled with wisdom from the most inspiring teachers of our time.

AUTHOR: Build a Better Spouse Trap, a guidebook for men seeking a life mate.

Ted Wentworth: Author of The Enlightenment Code



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