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Ted Wentworth is a human rights attorney by trade who has passionately pursued knowledge of the Divine to the corners of the earth and beyond for most of his life. His eloquence and wisdom have landed him on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Donahue, and many national news programs.


"I feel as though I am being led through a doorway to an awareness I’ve sensed lay before me. My endless gratitude to you. Your blessings have seen me through numerous trials."

~ Floren H.

"Simply loved this entire experience. The story/metaphors Ted shared were clear and unique — I had never heard anything like them before. How refreshing! I really felt the heat of the kundalini start at my 1st chakra and swell all the way to the top!! Amazing! Thank you, Ted!"

~ M.O. Kelly

Ted & Diana Wentworth"Ted and Diana Wentworth are grace in action. Their combined wisdom and experience shine a truth and illumination upon everyone they encounter. They operate from an unspoken ethic that asks, ‘How may I serve and be an instrument of love?"

~ Bruce Kellogg
Unity Minister




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