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The Enlightenment Code Book by Ted Wentworth The Enlightenment Code

After years of searching, verification and study with some of the world’s great spiritual Masters, Ted Wentworth has uncovered not only that there is something more, but we can culture our consciousness to experience it directly.

In The Enlightenment Code, Ted takes readers step-by-step down a secret path to experiencing their highest selves, revealing how their lives relate to the evolution of consciousness, and how to find the silence to experience the Divine within themselves.


"Is there a secret code to attaining enlightenment? Is there a sure-footed path into the heart of the Divine? Yes, I promise you, there is!"

Have you, like me, spent a lifetime wondering who you are? Wondering how to find out who you truly are? Like me, are you sensing acceleration, a quickening of your spiritual path the deeper we go into this new millennium?

Recent changes in the cosmos offer new opportunities to achieve high consciousness. Many of the texts, techniques and sacred mantras that were previously secret have been disclosed and translated and are now available to lead each of us “home” when we’re ready.

Through forty years of meditation and study, I’ve found a way to not only experience divinity, but to spark that awareness in others. I now visit all the levels of enlightenment that I spent my life seeking, and I’m honored to share this experience with you.

With The Enlightenment Code, I bring you the path I follow—a “holy shortcut,” if you will—to lead you directly into the heart of the Divine. Continue your life journey on the path to enlightenment.

Testimonials for the book:

"Ted Wentworth is a quality control genius who investigated, evaluated and tested the Vedic tools of the East for safety and reliability for the western householder. Safe and effective leverage for our spiritual paths."

~ Rama Vernon, founder of Yoga Journal magazine
and is known as “The Mother of Yoga in America.”

"Ted has written this to a depth and clarity we have never known." ~ Fred Alvord

"Jai Maa! Ted’s story is an epic pilgrimage demonstrating how he applied spiritual knowledge to his business ventures, and business understanding to his spirituality, and ultimately became highly successful at them both. In The Enlightenment Code, Ted Wentworth gives us techniques designed to remind us that everything we do can be spiritual, and there is no separation between our material life and our spiritual life. He teaches a doctrine of holistic spirituality, in which the reader finds freedom from the duality of fulfilling our material necessities versus enjoying our spiritual inspiration. “It is all Spiritual!” declares the author, as he shares with us methods by which we can remember. This book is highly recommended for all pilgrims along the path."

~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati

"The Enlightenment Code is what its title proclaims it to be: an anthology of disciplines which take readers beyond Religion and into Spirituality. Ted Wentworth has truly presented a wonderful synopsis of important techniques, with illustrations from his own life as to how to apply them in order to become the spiritual man he became."

~ Lama Buddhananda Govinda


Enlightenment Lifestyle Magazine, an online magazine, is 100% dedicated to those looking to attain and retain enightenment.

"How delightful to receive the announcement of this beautiful undertaking. It is filled with Shakti and Love of the Highest, and of course, the essence of both of you. Thank you for letting me know about it, and congratulations on infusing your vision with so much consciousness. I love you both very much. So many blessings."

~ Barbara DeAngelis Ph.D.

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Build a Better Spouse Trap by Ted Wentworth  

Build A Better Spouse Trap

When Ted Wentworth's first wife passed away, he went through the textbook stages of grief. Not being the type to succumb to self-pity, he would have to find the best way to continue.

He picked himself up and devised a plan so he could continue his life. The plan the author devised works equally well for men who have lost a wife to death or divorce. Here are detailed guidelines readers can use when they are ready to face the world and start dating again.





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