Chicken Soup for the Body & Soul

Chicken Soup to inpire the Body & Soul celebrates our physical selves, our goals, our courage, our spirit. Despite differences in race, culture, religion, beliefs and values, we all share the experience of the human body. In our physical selves we find common ground. And your body, in fact, is the only thing you are guaranteed to keep for a lifetime.

For all its imperfections, your body remains your best friend and most staunch supporter. You body can be as loyal as a dog, as supple as a cat and take you to heights only known by eagles. If you treat it well, it will take you into your autumn years. And as your soul's aithful companion, your body deserves the utmost care and kindness.

These stories span the range of human endeavor , from athletics to everyday aspirations; from self-image to weight loss to healing. But most of all, they reflect our common heritage, challenges and dreams. Within these stories you will find your own special gems that encourage, uplift and inspire you to live a more active, healthy lifestyle in harmony with your own body and hearts desires.


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