The von Welanetz Guide to Ethnic Ingredients

The Von Welanetz Guide to Ethnic Ingredients is a knowledgeable companion on a journey that begins in the small neighborhood ethnic grocery, whisks you off to the culinary corners of the world, and brings you back to your kitchen with a cartful of authentic ethnic ingredients.

Structured geographically and fully cross-referenced, this indispensable guide to the herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, meats, fish and grains of the seven continents will add new dimensions to your cooking repertoire.  The history of each cuisine provides a colorful backdrop to the thoroughly researched and heretofore inaccessible information on purchase, storage preparation and use for each and every ingredient. 

  • Over 1000 entries are accompanied by numerous suggestions on how to incorporate the foods into innovative dishes 
  • An informative overview of each geographical area’s cuisine and cooking techniques
  • An invaluable guide to pronunciation and spelling, as ell as cooking, shopping, and substitution tips
  • A special chapter on herbs, spices, and seasoning blends
  • More than 150 recipes, ranging from Fettuccini with Shiitake Cream Sauce and Crisp Duckling with Green Peppercorns and Kumquats to South African Fruit Curry and Escargots in Pasta Shells, illustrate classic and unusual uses for each ingredient

“Just about every exotic, unusual, and rare ingredient used in dishes in all corners of the world is covered . . .From ajwain to zatar, it’s all here, explained in a very concise format.” 
--Bon Appétit Magazine

Chock full of lore and irresistible for browsing.”

--Kirkus Reviews

“An incredible wealth of information . . . a fascinating book for anyone who truly enjoys cooking or reading about food.
--Gannett News Service

“No one else has ever come close to combining such a depth of knowledge about food, conveyed with such style and Presence.”
--Hugh Carpenter, author of twelve cookbooks, including Chopstix, Hot Wok, and Pacific Flavors

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