Love Your Heart: Follow The Red Thread to a Heart-Centered Life

Diana speaks nationally on her newest book, Love Your Heart: Follow the Red Thread to a Heart-Centered Life, at all kinds of health and fund-raising events. Here's an except:

"The heart represents the source of love, caring, and gratitude within our physical bodies, yet do we ever truly thank it for how perfectly it works on our behalf? It weighs less than a pound, yet in our lifetime it’ll pump about one million barrels of blood!...

...Why is it we do all kinds of things to communicate to our hearts that we don’t really care, that we’re too busy to look after them?...What if we were to pay attention? How much more vibrant and on-purpose could our lives become?

I am speaking to you as a woman who now does pay attention. I survived a heart attack. It didn’t need to happen. It certainly wouldn’t have if I had paid attention to my family history, or if I had visited a cardiologist as my doctor recommended...

But it did. It gave me a wake-up call two weeks before I was to board a cruise ship in Europe from which I may have been disembarked in a box. Thanks to hard-earned medical advances, many funded by the American Heart Association, I spent only thirty-six hours in the hospital and actually sailed away on that cruise two weeks later. I am humbly grateful that I was so lucky! I want you to be lucky too!

To help ensure such good fortune, we must be mind- ful that the strength and vibrancy of our physical hearts provide the quality of our lives on earth. And so, let’s embark on our journey to a heart-filled life by first learning to love and care for our physical hearts.

From this starting point, each chapter of this book will elaborate on one or more emotional and spiritual practices that speak to the healthy heart advice of the American Heart Association."





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