Send Me Someone

Soon to be a Lifetime Television Movie of the Week, Send Me Someone is a. True story of Love Here and Hereafter.

In the movie Ghost, the passionate moment when Patrick Swayze is able to reach out to Demi Moore from the other side touched people in way that few movies do. Can a departed loved one really change the course of our lives? Diana von Welanetz Wentworth knows with all her heart that love does transcend death.

From the beginning, Diana Webb & Paul Welanetz were a storybook couple. Their courtship was a transcontinental whirlwind. The enchantment of their first days together seemed to grow richer with time, and endured though 25 years of marriage. Diana and Paul shared everything personally and professionally. Their passion for cooking, entertaining, and bringing people together led them to successful careers as award-winning cookbook authors, as hosts of a television show , and later as founders of the inside Edge, an influential human-potetial organization, they were even named "One of L.A.s Most Romantic Couples" by Los Angeles Magazine.

But one day, everything changed. they discovered that their adventure together was to be cut short, for Paul was diagnosed with cancer. Diana was devastated. Soon afterward, in rapidly declining health, Paul told her, "I don't want you to be alone." She replied impulsively, "Then send me someone!" He responded, "I will." That promise is at the heart of theextraordinary story told in Send Me Someone.

Not long after Paul's death, things began to happen to Diana that made it very apparent that Paul was still "present" in here life and actively concerned with her well-being. Within moths fate introduced her to a new man-- Ted Wentworth. But he wasn't at all like the dreamy, romantic Paul. And hardly the sort of man that Diana though Paul might send to her.

Ted was a prominant attorney--realistic, funny, mischievious, even a little confrontational. despite the obvious differences, Diana found herself falling in love with Ted and began to discove another side of him-- his extraordinary sense of intuition. Ted revealed something that astonished Diana--he flt a startking inner connection to Paul von Welanetz! In fact, a series of remarkable occurances soon convinced them both that Ted was indeed the "someone" that Paul promised to send.

Send Me Someone is, without a doubt, the most complelling love story of the year.

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"Diana gives us all an example of how love heals, life works, and human connections are far more profound than we usually realize. Diana is a living example of the alchemy of love. Her story is incredible, magical, and deeply spiritual. Read it please; Send Me Someone will leave you forever changed-- and transformed."
--Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., bestselling author of Making Peace with Your Past: The 6 Essential Steps to Enjoying a Great Life

"Send Me Someone is sure to be one of the most enduring love stories of our time. I knew Diana and her husband, Paul, for many years, and was there as this amazing tale unfolded. This book captures the magic and mystery of their relationship and reminds us that there is no end to the forms in which love can come to us."
--Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., author of Real Moments

"Send Me Someone is a remarkable and inspiring love story, told with zest and humor, that reminds us that love is more powerful than death."
--Jack Canfield, co-author of the #1 bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

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