A Tribute to the Life of Theodore Sumner Wentworth

    Ted Wentworth into the light    

Here is Ted, in all his heart-centered complexity, as he would most love to be remembered.

“Ted was bigger than life!”
“Ted sparked joy everywhere he went!”
“What a huge personality!”

"Ted truly was a spiritual master who walked between worlds..."

~ Rama Jyoti Vernon, revered as the "Mother of Yoga in America"
who hosted BKS Iyengar on his first visit to California (1973),
and one of the founders of Yoga Journal

Such comments are made repeatedly since Ted’s passing of pneumonia on April 13, 2021.

Known for his contagious high-energy, Ted loved to quote Voltaire. “God is a comedian playing before an audience that is afraid to laugh!” He truly lived in a higher perspective, above all surface drama. “If we’re not laughing, we’re not doing it right!” was a favorite observation and reminder to those around him. His stories published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbookaddress the question of where his levity and perpetual good humor originated.

Professionally, Theodore S. Wentworth had a 53-year career in the law. He was featured as one of the preeminent lawyers in the United Stated by the prestigious Martindale Hubbell Law Directory, as an expert in jury selection, medical and human rights issues, sexual harassment and employment law. Featured in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in Law. His most known case, featured internationally in the news was as lead counsel in the University of California Irvine (UCI) Fertility Clinic Scandal, during which he appeared on Oprah, The Phil Donahue Show, Dateline and 48 Hours, and CBS Evening News.

Ted Wentworth on CBS TV  on Dateline NBC  on Oprah

 on Donahue Ted Wentworth on 48 Hours TV  
  Ted Wentworth, Attorney at Wentworth, Paoli & Purdy
He was an Inspirational Speaker on "Finding Our Highest Selves" & "Peaceful End-Of-Life Transition: Coming Home".

Ted had an adventurous spirit and loved exploring his own capabilities by becoming an instrument-rated pilot, an avocado and grapefruit rancher on a large scale, a yachtsman, a passionate world traveler, and businessman. He once received clearance to fly his airplane, a Cessna turbo 210 with his family through the crater of Mt. St. Helens between explosions, and even througout Alaska. He felt nothing was too big to take on.

Ted married Sharon Lynelle Arkush in 1965 and they had two daughters. After Sharon died of cancer in 1987, he determined to find, and not settle for any less than, the perfect companion for the rest of his life. This required a strategy! His first published book Build A Better Spouse Trap: A Street-Smart Dating Strategy for Men Who Have Lost a Love.

In his first highly-acclaimed book, Build a Better Spouse Trap: A Street Smart Dating Strategy for Men Who Have Lost a Love, Ted recognized that men like himself, who had been in a prolonged relationship and had lost their partners to death or divorce, were at a distinct disadvantage when they returned to dating. In collaboration with Lexi Welanetz, Psy,D., he wrote to provide readers with unique insights and skills. Buy the book   Build A Better Spouse Trap Book by Ted Wentworth

He enjoyed deep reverence for nature, for animals and every kind of creature, especially birds whose sightings he carefully catalogued.

The Enlightenment Code Book
(Download Free Copy)
  His life-long passion for high consciousness led him around the world to learn from living spiritual masters and the results became available in his book The Enlightenment Code (2012)

Here is what is published on Amazon.com about this book:

“Ted Wentworth started asking “Why?” almost from the moment he could talk. His belief that there was “something more” became all the more concrete when he was miraculously cured of daily adolescent seizures by a faith healer. Determined to find answers, Wentworth’s quest took him all the way to the mysticism of the East.

Through study and practice he gained information, which led him on a journey through India where he verified his findings and experiences with many Masters of the Divine.

Wentworth unlocked the secrets to our place in the cosmos. With his book, The Enlightenment Code, he shares a dependable path to understanding our life’s meaning, and the most popular way for householders to transcend ordinary existence in order to maintain a full human life and still merge with the Divine.”

Watch video of Ted talking about his about his book   Download a free copy of The Enlightenment Code

Ted & Diana on Balboa Island, CA

Diana's romantic memoir, Send Me Someone: A True Story of Love Here and Hereafter, describes the intimate details of their meeting and their marriage. (Film rights to the book were purchased by the Lifetime Network.)


Diana Wentworth, his wife of 31 years, experienced Ted as the most romantic, devoted, playful and encouraging partner a woman could ever wish for. Nearly every day he would ask, “Diana will you marry me? I promise I’ll be good!” She knows with all her heart how very good he was.

Ted was delighted when Diana became in demand as a guest lecturer on cruise ships all over the globe. First class travel fun was free! He would eventually brag that he had visited 52 countries in his lifetime.

Ted retired from the law in 2014, so he and Diana moved from their long-term home on Spyglass Hill in Corona del Mar to Palm Springs.

Ted loved to drive, so, yearly during the long hot summers, they would rent a car (with unlimited miles) and take off on long, spontaneous road trips with no set itinerary, declaring “Joy is our compass!” There was such exhilaration in following their noses and any promising leads they picked up from strangers they met.

Diana loved documenting and photographing these adventures for a future book to be titled, A Road Trip to Surrender.
In the longest one, covering 8000 miles, they traveled the entire perimeter of the United States and some of Canada.



Ted & Diana were featured in the Couples section of People Magazine entitled "LONG LIVE LOVE; Secrets and Stategies for Finding Soulmate No. 2", which highlighted Ted's book, Build a Better Spouse Trap: A Street Smart Dating Strategy for Men Who Have Lost a Love.

Read the full article

  Ted & Diana Wentworth in People Magazine

Ted’s final words in the 24 hours before his passing were “Beautiful!” and “Love.” His longtime Spiritual Masters, Shree Maa of Kamakya (www.ShreeMaa.org) and Swami Satyananda Saraswati, were present to perform a ceremony that would welcome their beloved devotee Satchitananda of Devi Mandir ,into his new experience.

"Jai Maa! Ted’s story is an epic pilgrimage demonstrating how he applied spiritual knowledge to his business ventures, and business understanding to his spirituality, and ultimately became highly successful at them both. In The Enlightenment Code, Ted Wentworth gives us techniques designed to remind us that everything we do can be spiritual, and there is no separation between our material life and our spiritual life. He teaches a doctrine of holistic spirituality, in which the reader finds freedom from the duality of fulfilling our material necessities versus enjoying our spiritual inspiration. “It is all Spiritual!” declares the author, as he shares with us methods by which we can remember. This book is highly recommended for all pilgrims along the path."

~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati

  Ted with Shree Ma
Facebook Video: Ted Wentworth speaking about his concept of Death   In this Facebook video, Diana asks Ted, "What is Death?"


The Rainbow Miracle:

Ted created this YouTube video with his musician friend Jonathan Beaudette and loved showing it to everyone he met. It came from a 2007 experience when ITed was looking out to sea from a cruise ship veranda and spotted a rainbow miles away. He began chanting the Gayatri mantra, then sensed it moving toward him. With great excitement he continued chanting, found his camera took photos as the rainbow seemed magnetized toward the ship, doubling as it approached.

Watch here as it comes straight to him, touches his feet and then melts. Ted was a “magical thinker” and magic showed up!

Enlightenment Lifestyle Magazine, developed and created by Ted Wentworth as an online magazine, is 100% dedicated to those looking to attain and retain enightenment.

"How delightful to receive the announcement of this beautiful undertaking. It is filled with Shakti and Love of the Highest, and of course, the essence of both of you. Thank you for letting me know about it, and congratulations on infusing your vision with so much consciousness. I love you both very much. So many blessings."

~ Barbara DeAngelis Ph.D.

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