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"Ted truly is a spiritual master who walks between worlds..."

~ Rama Jyoti Vernon, revered as the "Mother of Yoga in America"
who hosted BKS Iyengar on his first visit to California (1973),
and one of the founders of Yoga Journal

A Special Tribute to Ted Wentworth
by Diana Wentworth in Celebration of His Life

Inspirational Speaker on "Finding Our Highest Selves" & "Peaceful End-Of-Life Transition: Coming Home"

In his presentations, Ted guides listeners in their longing to improve conscious contact with the Divine as they understand It. They learn how to reveal, and how to access the power to become their highest selves in their everyday lives. His topics include: The Anatomy of the Divine; Who Are You, What Are You Doing Here, and What Can You Do about It?; Leveraging Enlightenment with Vedic Tools; and Watch Everything False (Including Addictions) Fall Away.

Ted is well versed in delivering a compelling and persuasive message—he understands how to connect with his listeners' hearts. His presence and heartfelt passion have led to appearances on national media, including Oprah, The Phil Donahue Show, Dateline and 48 Hours.

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